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Brazil (or at least a small part of it)

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Sao Paulo


Ilha Grande

Rio de Janeiro

Sao Paulo

Road trip – Cameroon and Chad (and Nigeria)

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  1. Yaounde
  2. Mbalmayo
  3. Yaounde
  4. Douala
  5. Limbe
  6. Idenau
  7. Buea
  8. Bafoussam
  9. Foumban
  10. Yaounde
  11. Ngaoundere
  12. Maroua
  13. Kouserri
  14. Ndjamena
  15. Lac Chad
  16. Ndjamena
  17. Kousseri
  18. Maroua
  19. Mokolo
  20. Rhumsiki und Umland
  21. Koza
  22. Maroua
  23. Garoua
  24. Ngaoundere
  25. Yaounde

Iran – Pakistan – India

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Abstract: 14.100 km traveled so far. 7+ weeks passed. Reached Bangalore.

This post is just to show you the last part of the trip. Unfortunately, we are back to Germany for nearly two month already. As you can imagine the mood we got during the trip is gone.  So I cannot write about the amazing things which happened on this crazy route. Just contact us in case you got some questions!

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Sofıa – Istanbul – Izmır – Efesus – Pamukkale – Cappadocia – Nemrut – Van

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Abstract: 5100 km covered so far. 21 days passed. Fırst raın. Reached Asıa.

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Bratislava – Budapest – Belgrad – Sofia

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Abstract: Around  1800 km travelled so far. Feet and back are hurting. Places are very beautiful and we met many new people with lot of stories to tell.

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Abstract: Yea, they did it to Bratislava already. Two days left (27.09.2011) and 800km covered so far. Continue reading